Andy Tiplady


Description:Prophetic interpretation of the signs of the times - with a specific urge to pray, intercede and humble ourselves before the Lord to see HIS plans come to pass.

Catalysts of change

Bill Wilson, Metro Ministries


Description:Is there a single thing, a catalyst that in itself can cause change? Pastor Bill Wilson gives a challenging and thought provoking message, this is well worth a listen!

The Splendour of the King

Caroline Shelley Lewis


Description:Caroline shares part of her journey into exploring Song of Songs, and in particular where the attritubutes of Jesus are described by The Shulamite. A picture paints a thousand words, and the imagery used in Chapter 5 gives a powerful description of the Lover of our Souls. Enjoy.

The book of Revelation part 8: The 7 Churches (focus on Philadelphia)

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy gives part 8 of the Revelation series, focusing in particular on the church of Philadelphia, and the implications on today's remnant church and coming times - exciting!

The book of Revelation part 7: The 7 Churches (Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicia)

Andy Tiplady


Description:Revelation part 7: A stirring talk about the last 3 Churches listed in Revelation 3, giving historical and Biblical insight to better understand the relevance and significance of this message for these end times. Next week Andy will be talking specifically about the Church of Philadelphia.

The book of Revelation part 6: The 7 Churches (first 4)

Andy Tiplady


Description:Revelation Part 6: Andy speaks from his understanding of the book of Revelation, relating to the seven Churches, giving an overview and a checklist for self examination. Great promises await those who overcome, but each church type have different areas to overcome. Where are you?

Being an Overcomer

Richard Lewis


Description:Richard gives a timely message on the need to stand firm and keep the faith, especially in these troubled times. This is the best time for God's people to rise and shine - be the light!

The book of Revelation part 5: The 7 Churches

Andy Tiplady


Description:Revelation Part 5: Looking at the book of Revelation and the different church types, seeing similarites and likenesses in this age.

The Bridal Company

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy gives a message with the bridal company at the heart of Revelation 12, where the Apostle John speaks of the Woman, the Child and the Dragon. Who's who, where do you fit in, and is it even about this day and age in the first place?

Living in Eternity Now - Part 2

Andrew Blundell


Description:Andrew shares the 2nd part of his personal study on the implications of being an eternal being, living in time and space in the world, and how we can take a different perspective to gain a more Christ like character. A powerpoint is attached, intellectual property owned by Andrew Blundell.

End Times overview from varying perspectives

Andy Tiplady


Description:We each are brought up to believe a perspective on life, the times we're living in and an interpretation of prophecies from our Holy Book. Here Andy introduces the perspectives taught by various religious groups to their congregations, including the Qoran and the Bible.

Keeping your love HOT

Andy & Heidi Tiplady


Description:As a family gathering at Bushfire, first Andy and then Heidi share a simple yet vitally important message on Matthew 24:12. As wickedness increases, the love of many will grow cold. Our battle in these days is to keep our love burning HOT for the Lord Jesus Christ, and to not be shocked, disappointed or confused by what we see and hear around us in these End Times.

Citizens of Heaven

Dr Howard Morgan


Description:Dr Howard Morgan brings a message that will challenge you to check your heart and motives when it comes to the things of the Spirit of God. How easily we slip into self seeking attitudes even in churchlife. Our carnal mind is at enmity with God, and these hidden strongholds need to come down, to let the glory of God enter and take true dominion. Advancing the Kingdom of Heaven starts in you and me.

Living in Eternity Now - Part 1

Andrew Blundell


Description:Andrew begins the first of a two-part series, sharing his personal study on our eternal existance while living within time. A powerpoint is also attached, the intellectual property of which is owned by Andrew Blundell.

Passion, purity and obedience

Andy Tiplady


Description:The first 15 mins of this session includes spontaneous worship, prophetic words and and passionate prayer...To get straight to the word skip to 15 mins and hear Andy share a passionate message on the above...Passion, Purity and Obedience.

Biblical prophetic interpretation of Zachariah 12_13

Andrew Blundell


Description:Andrew gives understanding to Biblical prophecy in Zachariah chapters 12-13, seeing things as they play out in our age, and the age to come.

Passover Lamb

Andy Tiplady


Description:At Passover Andy shares a message to bring home the significance of this special season.

Intro to Prayer and Fasting

Richard Lewis


Description:Richard gives a succinct message on the importance of prayer and fasting, and how this can and should become part of the Believer's lifestyle.

Revelation, the Study ~ Intro Part II

Andy Tiplady


Description:The second introductory talk about the book of Revelation, introducing terminology and schools of thought that are useful for the Church to understand, as we prepare to walk through the book of Revelation. A discussion is opened up at the end, bringing in individual's thoughts and questions that make for interesting listening.

Revelation, the Study ~ Intro Part I

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy gives an introduction into the study of the book of Revelation. Is it something to be feared? Has 'it' all already happened? Is it just figurative? Why is this book something every Christian should be reading and seeking understanding for...join us for the journey as Andy introduces the topic.

UK Prophecy for 2016

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy shares what he feels the Lord is saying to the UK for 2016. He refers to the six storms that hit the UK during the last weeks of 2015, and delves into the significance of the number six taken from the Hebrew...concluding in a fiery declaration of faith and purpose for the UK. Now, pray it in.

War against Sickness - My Story

Caroline Shelley Lewis


Description:Caroline shares her personal battle with sickness and how the Holy Spirit led her through the fight and into a place of victory, overcoming the enemy.

The ABC of Prayer

Richard Lewis


Description:Richard shares a study on the ABC of Prayer, the power, the purpose, the heart and the importance!

Spontaneous Prep Talk 1!

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy shares and encourages, preaches and preps the Body of Christ into a whole hearted, single minded walk with the Lord.

Esther part 2

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy gives the second part to 'Esther' showing the way that we are living in times very symbolic of the times of Esther, and how our courage needs to match the call of God - to stand in the gap and pray, and not live our lives for ourselves anymore.

Your true identity

Corinne Gaisie


Description:Who do you think you are? Does your colour, your social status define you? Corinne gives a personal message about your true identity.

Esther part 1

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy speaks on the book of Esther, and the significance it has for us today.

Revisiting the Good Samaritan

Rosie Jones


Description:Rosie shares her thoughts on the story of the Good Samaritan, short and to the point this message will bless you and remind you of the goodness of God and His immense love for you.

The Heavenly Courtroom

Corinne Gaisie


Description:God is our Father, our Friend and He is a just Judge. Corinne shares on the power of prayer.

The Palm Tree Lesson

Ariel Keren-Or


Description:In Psalm 92, David writes: 12 The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree... Ariel teaches five significant attributes about the Palm Tree which will surprise you. For the Body of Christ to show God's righteousness in these days, we need to learn and apply the lessons of the Palm Tree surviving in the Middle East. This is an excellent message that will really bless you, and help you mature. Hands on, practical and very encouraging.

Preparing to Rule & Reign with Christ

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy speaks about the call that the Bride of Christ has, to rule and reign with Him, and speaks on the subject of prayer, intercession, the power of our words, and faith in Him.

Getting things right in the family

Karen & Gordon Beattie


Description:James 5:16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.Karen and Gordon Beattie have fantastic personal stories of how God made Himself real to them, changing their lives and priorities round. They have two grown up sons who are walking with God, and they share openly and honestly the lessons they have learnt about bringing up a family to love and honour God and eachother. Righteousness at home is a good place to start!

Raising up the Victorious Army - loving God passionately

Andy Tiplady


Description:A rousing talk given by Andy, to wake and stir up the Bride to prepare herself to be a victorious army, ready to participate with the Holy Spirit during this coming powerful move of God. But it's not just about knowing what's heading our way, we have a choice and a will to get ourselves ready. Some practical pointers and personal experience is shared here.

The Secret Place - a message for lovers

Corinne Gaisie


Description:Corinne gives a beautiful message about the Secret Place described in Psalm 91, and why and how we can reside there. It's a precious message and applicable for daily life.

Let's De-Stress!

Heidi Tiplady


Description:Heidi shares a message on stress, tribulation, the joy of God and what she feels God's been saying to her on the subject! Also please see a picture of June wearing her 'garment of praise', hand made beautiful and bright! (this is referred to in the talk!)

The best wine till last

Andy Tiplady


Description:Keep the flow of the Spirit coming into your life, keep the supply line open, and see what the Lord does in you - He's saving His best wine for last!

How to keep God's supply line open

Andy Tiplady


Description:Change your attitude to see the abundance of the Lord's providence flow through your life. We're not talking about how to become rich, it's about giving thanks to every situation!

Who are you really singing about?

Andy Tiplady


Description:Stirred up by the times we are living in, the call to abandoned discipleship following the King, and our soulish tendencies, Andy asks who this is really all about? Is it about God's plans and purposes, to which we've been saved and called, or is it actually all about me? An encouraging and thought provoking talk, also dipping into elements brought to us by Howard Morgan the day previously.

Disciple of the King

Dr Howard Morgan's lyrics


Description:Lyrics by Dr Howard Morgan, sung at Bushfire on 14th February 2015. Join in the declaration and do some feet stomping while you're about it!

Millions of apples

Howard Morgan


Description:Dr Howard Morgan speaks his second session at the day conference, drawing attention to the fight between the nature of man, and the chief gardener who wishes us to bear fruit. As always, Howard's witt and humour makes the accuracy of his punches palatable, and memorable! Another great talk on practical discipleship.

Place of purification

Howard Morgan


Description:Dr Howard Morgan gives a message to Bushfire, bringing focus and encouragement to the body and leadership. A place of purification, preparing the Bride of Christ, a place of safety and growth.

All or nothing

Andy Tiplady


Description:Listen to some of this with your morning coffee! Don't expect to hear a comfy message...this might rattle your cage but get you focused on what really matters!

The Living breathing Word has a name

Andy Tiplady


Description:When revelation becomes a person, and the Word of God draws near through the person of Jesus Christ, you will gain a new hunger for Him. The Word made flesh.

Christmas or not? In or out?

Andy Tiplady


Description:For a while now the topic of Christmas has been a mixed the celebration part of 'Babylon', the world and the 'old' religion, or is it something that going-for-God Believers in Yeshua should be participating in? Andy has done his research, and would like to set the record straight. So dear listener, do your research, decide for yourselves. In the world but not of the world, does that mean stop eating mince pies, turkey and may as well stop celebrating birthdays too? Jesus attended the feast of Chanukah - a man-designed feast. Would Jesus attend Christmas? (the web editors additional thoughts thrown in herewith).

Eternal Covenants

Corinne Gaisie


Description:Corinne gives a historical and Biblical understanding to what a convenant really is, and adds impact to the amazing covenant we have entered into with Jesus Christ, and what we have been set free from!

My beloved the Overcomer

Oliver Buckley


Description:A former Baptist minister and friend to Andy & Heidi Tiplady, Oliver Buckley shares his second talk at Bushfire about the importance of fellowshiping with our Beloved, the Overcomer. Referring to the Song of Songs, Oliver shares how Jesus bounds across the mountains and hills...there's a call for us hidden within those verses, to remember those in the lowlands.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt27

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy concludes the final verses of Daniel, bringing us to a shocking realisation of how close we really are to the final countdown to the visible entrance and rule of the Anti Christ. Study it for yourself, let us know what you discover!