bushfire has re-opened!

We are pleased to have reopened Bushfire Ministries for corporate worship gatherings, from Sunday 6th September 2020. 

At present we meet every other Sunday, and we request you register to attend in advance. It is also OK to arrive unannounced, but we will need to ensure we do not exceed the maximum number of people within the building. 

We continue on Zoom and to livestream the meetings from the building from 10:30am, and will welcome you with an open heart!

We are complying to COVID-19 health measures, and request you to please read through the 'Guidance for Worshippers and Visitors', and 'Face Coverings in Church' documents prior to arrival. 

If you have any symptoms please refrain from coming, and follow the government guidelines.


Join us Sundays on Livestream, 11AM GMT

Learn the Disciple's Creed and sing along!

What's going on at Bushfire

Friends, we are opening Bushfire for physical gatherings on sunday 6th september 2020, following government guidelines concerning covid19 pandemic. 

please register online via this link

we will continue to meet via zoom and livestream our meetings!

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