Who we are

Founded by leaders Andy & Heidi Tiplady in 2005, Bushfire has the DNA of revival running through its veins. With a church base in the north of Sheffield, there is a contingency of believers in Sheffield and across the world, who believe that there will be a mighty end time harvest of souls. We also believe the words of Jesus said in Matthew 24 that there will be an increase of difficulties both in society, in nations, and in the physical earth leading up to His great return, where the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ!

Andy and Heidi dedicate themselves to prayer and to the equipping of a body of people to love on, teach and nurture the coming souls, and to be the answer to many, as times become difficult. The prophet Isaiah in chapter 60 spoke of a coming time when God will arise in and shine both on and through a people, and that many will come to the true Light. We believe Jesus when He said that HE IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Equally, He said to His disciples and to us as believers, that 'YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD'. This light will truly shine in the darkest of times. Get ready, join us on this journey!

Our Destination

Just imagine if every individual realised their true potential, as planned out by God. Visualise every follower of Jesus carrying the full measure of the Holy Spirit and only doing and saying what their heavenly Father instructs them to do and say. Who does that remind you of?

This world would be full of people who look and act just like Jesus, men, women and children bearing His likeness, walking and talking, loving and living as He did! The world would not be able to put out the light!

Bushfire seeks to equip these 'harvesters of the harvest' in preparation for what God's wanting to do in this generation. Desiring and treasuring the presence of God above anything else, we meet to know Him more, to become like Him and to fulfil the purposes of God for our lives.

Everyone is invited to enjoy the journey with us!

Stay in touch with Bushfire

To stay in touch with us, know about up and coming conferences or events, please get in touch. 

Email: info@bushfireministries.co.uk