The Melville Feeding Programme

As a result of the forced lockdown during the global Covid-19 pandemic, many families in South Africa who were unable to earn a crust were literally unable to feed their families. The promised food distribution failed to reach the vast majority of the South African population, leaving over 30 million people in desperate need of basic essentials. 

It is thanks to Tanya Gardiner and Kathryn Bankart, who are family and friends of Heidi and Andy Tiplady, who actually began this initiative in Johannesburg, that Bushfire is even aware of this terrible plight, and began to support their endeavors. 

Since May 2020 Bushfire have helped feed families through the charity 'Viva Foundation'.  

Every little helps, and amazingly £5.40 will feed a family of four, for a week! So let's share what we can and show them we care. 

Just £5.40 will feed a family of four, for a week!

At the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, a few neighbours started to hand out sandwiches in their front yard. They soon realised the need far exceeded their supplies. The word spread, and like a well oiled engine, volunteers, organisational expertise and food supplies came together to cater to the needs of families in the Melville community. 

To provide transparency and accountability, the group of caring neighbours teamed up with a local charity, and together are ensuring that every penny received is used to feed members of the local community. 

Bushfire has been supporting this great initiative since May 2020, and will continue to as long as the need remains and generous people can donate. 

You can donate via Bushfire Ministries, coding the gift 'SA Feeding Programme'. 

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To support the Melville Feeding Programme in South Africa, please use our online facility and ensure you earmark the donation as 'SA Feeding Programme'. Thank you SO much for your love and support.
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