Protection and obedience

Heidi Tiplady, 23 September 2020

We know from Scripture that this present shaking is just a pre-tremor, a prelude to what is coming. Contrary to things becoming easier, we know that darkness will increase and deep darkness over the people... but we also know that the fully matured sons of God will come forth, and how blessed that day will be! The battle dear friend, is for our attention, the enemy is desperate for it as time is short.

Walking our dogs by a local reservoir yesterday, the water was so beautifully still. Only bird song, and the sound of doggie paws on the path could be heard, with the odd squirrel making a dive for the trees to escape the big burly ridgeback dogs. Peaceful indeed... for me (less so for the squirrels).

Our dogs trust us, and we look after them well. As long as they keep their ears tuned to our voices, and obey us, they will be safe and sound. Their protection is dependent on their obedience to their master's voice. 

God is not flustered, He is not confused or worried. When we abide in Him then we will actually experience the still waters. If we would only keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, and choose to be still, then we would experience His Presence and peace! His Word is our daily Truth, everything else are just lethal distractions. 

Amidst the many voices competing for your attention today, make sure you have ears for the Master's Voice. Alone. 

With love and blessings, Heidi Tiplady

September 2020